Vinyl dahlia-covered Fridge

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Now that this project is done, I’ll go back a few months and finally(!) post pictures of the fridge and fascias I did over the summer of 2013 (sounds so long ago, huh?).

Vinyl dahlia covered fridge

This was the 2nd project I did in the kitchen (used the Silhouette Cameo) after putting up a quote on the fascia, just above the sink and stove (used the Cricut Machine for this one). A similar shot of the fridge was posted on Pinterest (I pinned it there first cuz I was just excited to share but didn’t have time to do an actual post until now). Better late than never, I say. 🙂

The inspiration of “vinylizing” the fridge came from Pinterest. I saw various design and knew I wanted something BIG. I decided on dahlias because they’re graphically clean as silhouettes besides being pretty. So instead of having this…

Plain fridge

I plastered dark gray vinyl dahlias instead…

Vinyl dahlia

One after another…

Vinyl dahlia


Vinyl dahlia


Vinyl dahlia


One thing I hate about installing vinyl—especially large sections—are the bubbles I get. I’ve gotten better and haven’t had as much bubbles as the ones shown here.

Vinyl air bubbles


I wanted more vinyl on the other fascia but didn’t want it to compete with the fridge and quote.

Good food, good meat, good Lord, let's eat!


I did a test cut of the design to see how the burgundy vinyl looked against the red color. It was perfect!
I wanted a watermark effect—something subtle—but still noticeable.

Burgundy vinyl on red paint


I had Alex draw the birds for me while I did the swirly vines.

Bird and swirl layout


I printed out the “tiled” design at 100% and taped them together to make sure the design was the right size for the fascia.

Bird and swirly vine layout


After I gave myself the OK, off I went to my studio to begin the cutting process.

Vinyl cutout


Taping the vinyl on the fascia, along with a print out of the design makes sure I’m installing the right vinyl on the right section.

Vinyl birds and swirly vines


Vinyl bird installation


Vinyl bird installation


Vinyl bird installation


Vinyl bird installation


With that out of the way, I have another project in the works for this wall. 🙂

6 quotes on wall


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