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Pinterest + Inspiration = Framed Vinyl Arwork

Anyone on Pinterest?

At first I wasn’t.

Then signed up for it.

Got addicted with inspirations.


Vinyl lettering


Pinned them.

Took screenshots of them (as desktop reminders)

Emailed ideas to “self”  to not forget.

Then forgot about them.


Vinyl Lettering


I made 2 of these Pinterest inspirations for my niece and nephew as gifts.

Vinyl lettering: BEFORE


Most of the artwork I’ve seen were either printed or painted on.

I wanted vinyl and a floating glass frame for this one.



These were cut from the Cricut Machine and the vinyl colors used were black, red and “etched glass”.

I wanted a watermark effect on the names / events and the “etched glass” vinyl was perfect for it.



My niece, Sheraleen, was expecting their 2nd child when I started this project back in December so I made sure I left enough space for the baby’s name and birthdate.

Little Madeline’s arrival was added on April 7.



To best show how the watermark looks like, I placed a white cardboard behind the frame for you to see!



A couple of months ago, my nephew, Mario and his wife, Kannitha, announced to the family they are expecting a girl in December.

I guess I know what needs updating.


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    Katrinka says:

    Love it!! I might try my hand at it when time permits.

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