Silhouette Cameo: My newest “toy”

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It’s not exactly new anymore having it since May 17, 2013.

I’ve been eyeing this machine for quite a while and caved in when Amazon had an offer I couldn’t refused. PLUS free shipping… hollah!


Silhouette Cameo


The package came with “extras” I didn’t expect (an extra mat, cutting blade, metallic pens, a paper picker upper (?) thing-y and a $10 download card for buying artwork from their store. I’m guessing $50 buckaroos worth of free stuff. I loves me some free stuff, ya’ll!



Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Cameo


I’ll be posting some projects I’ve worked on and actually completed (yay!), some projects that are in the works and so on. Since this machine is the latest addition, I’ll make sure and take note which die cut machine I’ve used in said projects.

After reading the instructions on how to set-up the Cameo (it’s soooo not me to do that sort of thing!!!) I decided to do test runs on hubby’s logo.

Not problemo cutting the AFT logo which is almost 3″ tall and….

Antoine's Foto Technique logo /  Silhouette Cameo


… loved the way the Silhouette Cameo cut letters at this size (approximately 5/8″ tall).

Close up of Antoine's Foto Technique logo /  Silhouette Cameo

Close up of Antoine's Foto Technique logo /  Silhouette Cameo

Close up of Antoine's Foto Technique logo /  Silhouette Cameo


The STASJ was also put to the test and the Silhouette Cameo did not fail to deliver.

Sample cut from Silhouette-Cameo


I mean, look at this… this one was less than 1/2 ” tall and did a really good  job considering it was practically cutting an outline of her name.

Sample cut from Silhouette-Cameo

Oh, the fun that lays ahead of me.





32 oz. Deli Containers

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Random post…bear with me.

I’ve researched these containers online and between 3 places (Amazon, eBay and webstaurantstore) eBay had the best price for 50 sets @ $0.64 per set (container + lid). Free Economy Shipping included.

32 oz. deli containers with lids

These are the heavy duty Newspring containers (#5 Plastics) that are good for holding hot foods. I wanted them specifically for their multi-purpose use of storing leftovers, frosting, sauces, blueberries, soups, nuts, and even as storage containers.

However…before plunking down $32.00 for these puppies (do I really need 50 32-oz. containers?), I decided to visit my neighborhood grocery store to see if they were willing to sell some to me. And they did!

I had 15 sets at first (containers + lids) – the price was sooooo right at $2.00 for the whole lot (that’s $0.13 per set, peeps!) – that I asked for 20 more. I was then told that the $2.00 was a one time deal since it was an odd request and if I wanted more it would be $0.25 per set. Hell-o!

So I got 20 more for $5.00!  Suh-weet!

Not bad for $7.00 worth of 35 32-oz. containers (no tax, no handling fees).

32-oz. deli containers and lids

The moral of this story is, none really, (how does “How to save some moola” sound?) but it’s definitely worth the effort to ask your grocery store if they are willing to sell non-related food items like these deli containers for storage purposes. Or… those 4.5 gallons food-safe frosting/preserves buckets in the bakery section to keep your 20 lbs. of flour or rice in.


Just sayin’.


Can’t wait to fill these babies with yummi-liciousness.

Ok…I’m done.

A Gem

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I just love this place!


Bottom Fridge Door


In the past I’ve bought items from and was not disappointed. A 5-drawer chest , matching 9-drawer dresser (3-panel mirror included) made by Thomasville. All solid wood and dovetailed.

A bargain @ $350.00 for the whole set.

And very.


Husband will tell you in a heartbeat.


Top inside roor


Last year I found and bought a KitchenAid Pasta Roller Set.

Again a great bargain from!

Yesterday I found a gem of a bargain and couldn’t pass it up.

A 21 cu. ft., white refrigerator and only 3 years old in very, very good condition.

Woot! Woot!


The price was right.

Location not far from home.

I couldn’t resist but to check it out.

Ms. T. and son Z. were extremely nice and Z. even helped dear hubby load it into the van.

Once home, I washed the inside parts, top and bottom doors and the fridge itself.


Washed Fridge Parts


The shelves pulls out for easy access for items in the back.

Talk about convenience!


Easy Glide Drawers In Action


“Spill-catcher” shelves are a nice touch.

Not that I evuh-spill-anything on that matter. Only kids do that, right???


Easy Glide Drawers


Once all the parts were dried I re-assembled everything inside.


Drawers inside


I even showed Alex how to operate a drill using dad’s drill bits in putting in the top freezer door.


Alex Learning How to Dril


Here’s an inside pix of both top and bottom doors all ready for storage.

I couldn’t be any happier with this purchase.


Top and Bottom Doors Attached