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A Craigslist.com Gem

I just love this place!


Bottom Fridge Door


In the past I’ve bought items from craigslist.com and was not disappointed. A 5-drawer chest , matching 9-drawer dresser (3-panel mirror included) made by Thomasville. All solid wood and dovetailed.

A bargain @ $350.00 for the whole set.

And very.


Husband will tell you in a heartbeat.


Top inside roor


Last year I found and bought a KitchenAid Pasta Roller Set.

Again a great bargain from craigslist.com!

Yesterday I found a gem of a bargain and couldn’t pass it up.

A 21 cu. ft., white refrigerator and only 3 years old in very, very good condition.

Woot! Woot!


The price was right.

Location not far from home.

I couldn’t resist but to check it out.

Ms. T. and son Z. were extremely nice and Z. even helped dear hubby load it into the van.

Once home, I washed the inside parts, top and bottom doors and the fridge itself.


Washed Fridge Parts


The shelves pulls out for easy access for items in the back.

Talk about convenience!


Easy Glide Drawers In Action


“Spill-catcher” shelves are a nice touch.

Not that I evuh-spill-anything on that matter. Only kids do that, right???


Easy Glide Drawers


Once all the parts were dried I re-assembled everything inside.


Drawers inside


I even showed Alex how to operate a drill using dad’s drill bits in putting in the top freezer door.


Alex Learning How to Dril


Here’s an inside pix of both top and bottom doors all ready for storage.

I couldn’t be any happier with this purchase.


Top and Bottom Doors Attached

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